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Riddles by Jude

 Try to solve these riddles - don't worry if you get stuck the answers are at the bottom of the page...



Q1. Poor people have it. Rich people need it. It is lower than the lowest thing and if you eat it you will die. What is it?


Q2. Ella’s mother has 3 children – 1 is called April and 1 is called June. What is the last child’s name?


Q3. I can fall from the highest building and I cannot break, yet if you put me in water my life’s at stake. What am I?


Q4. Anyone can hold me, even without their hands, yet no-one can do it for long. What am I?


Q5. I am invisible and weigh nothing. If you put me in a barrel it will become lighter. What am I?


Q6. I have four fingers and a thumb yet I don’t have flesh, bones, scales or feathers. What am I?


Q7. The more there is of me the less you see. What am I?


Q8. If a plane crashed on the border of Mexico where would the survivors be buried?


Q9. What comes twice in a moment, once in a minute but never in a thousand years?


Q10. If there are ten apples and you take away two, how many do you have?


Q11. What has wheels and flies yet it is not an aircraft?


Q12. What belongs to you but is used mostly by others?


Q13. What word in this sentence is misspelled?


Q14. The man who made me doesn’t need me. The one that buys me doesn’t want me. The man that uses me doesn’t know. What am I?


A1. Nothing


A2. Ella


A3. A tissue


A4. Your breath


A5. A hole


A6. A glove


A7. Darkness


A8. Nowhere. They’re alive


A9. The letter “m”


A10. Two


A11. A garbage truck


A12. Your name


A13. Misspelled


A14. A coffin

Well done if you managed to solve some of these riddles - they were tough!