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St Bride's Primary 2016 - 2017


That St. Bride’s Roman Catholic School is known for its faith teaching, high educational standards and accomplishments, as the school of choice for many in our local community.  We aspire to meet the changing needs of the diverse pupil population through advocating for equality, being a symbol of peace and hope in the community and preparing our pupils to uphold and demonstrate the Scottish values of integrity, compassion, justice and wisdom.  


  • Value everyone in St. Bride’s community
  • Achieve our very best
  • Learn together in faith
  • Understand and respect the rights of everyone
  • Encourage high expectations of all
  • Support and care for one another


We aim to:
  • Review and improve upon our current transition procedures from Early Level through to Second Level of Curriculum for Excellence
  • To be formally recognised by UNICEF as a Rights Respecting School
  • To support children’s emotional development through the introduction of Place2Be in school
  • Implement new approaches to planning in line with the Principles and Practice of Curriculum for Excellence using the NAR (National Assessment Resource) flowchart model
  • To improve our approaches to active learning in maths and numeracy
  • To review and improve our approaches to the teaching of reading.