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Welcome to our website- please feel free to look around at the exciting and fun work we do in school.

Former Pupil - Lucy McWhirter Browne 04/05/2016 05:52:57
I went to this school the first year after it opened as a primary school. Before this it was Strathbungo High. My teachers were Mrs Herd, Mrs Wilson, Miss Clarke. Live in Australia now but when I was back in 2012 I had a walk past the school

heyy - sanya 14/02/2016 20:29:40
heyy i loved the p7s scottish parliament it was the best

Former Pupil - Lucy McWhirter Browne 11/02/2016 10:04:58
I attended this school the first year it opened as a Catholic Primary School, think it was 1974. I remember that for the first few months the ties were self coloured red, then this changed to brown, then finally they got the brown stiped one that I think is still worn today. It was great having a swimming pool and I recall children from other schools coming in buses to use it. I remember the first year after it opened we fund raised money for a new ambulance. The teachers that I remember are Miss Clarke, Mrs Gillespie, Mrs McLeish, Mrs Herd, Mrs Loudon, Mrs Conoughton, (might not be the spelling), the auxiliaries were called, Mrs Brown and Mrs Fallon.

Sara Ali - Sara Ali 29/01/2016 16:51:56
Hiya, i was here since p1 i left last year (2015 ) my names Sara Ali, my teacher was Mrs Muir , hope everyone is doing well ????

Loved This School - Jamie McIntye 01/09/2015 19:20:49
Went here from the 90's until 2002/03 was the best school. Mrs Walker was my last teacher.